Our office, Colorado Casa REALTORS, is conveniently located just off 8th Street in Colorado Springs. (Close to I-25 for the convenience of Clients and Customers.)

A little bit about us, Boris is a retired 1SG (94) and I am an ex-cop. We have been managing rental properties since 1994, including our own. We also have a full-time Property Manager, Deb Bramlett, who has been managing properties since 1986.

As a Team, we bring an unique perspective to the property management business. We believe that you hire us to manage your home, but we partner with the tenants to maintain your home. A happy tenant stays longer is is more apt to care for the home they are renting.

Briefly, I will go over our Property Management Services and I invite you to come and meet with Boris and I.

Owner Representation
We conduct a recent and relevant CMA of the marketable rents in the area for comparable properties, and together decide on a marketable rent which for the property. The highest rent for 10 months equals less than a good marketable rent for 12 months.
We both sign a Landlord Agency Agreement (approved by the Real Estate Commission which identifies our Agency relationship). As a landlord agent we represent you in the rental process, not the tenant and any communicaiton between us is confidential.
A Property Management Agreement is also signed between Colorado Casa REALTORS and the Property Owners identifying responsibilities for both parties
In the event that an owner wished to sell their property, we offer Seller Agency services.
Colorado Casa REALTORS charges a 10% property management fee on all rent collected.
Commission We offer to pay another Agent a $50-100 referral fee to another Agent (or Company) who brings us an approved tenant this amount is paid out of the owners funds.
Maintenance Costs are those of the owner. They are a pass through without any add-ons for Property Management.
Colorado Casa pays for all marketing of the property. This allows us to determine if a tenant is a good fit for your home or another. (if you paid for marketing we would be obligated to fit the prospect into your home.)
We use internet marketing (including numerous rental sites including AHRN), the MLS, print marketing, house flyers, etc. to market your home. No Charge to You.
Our rentals are listed on the FRONT page of our website www.ColoradoCasa.com with photos, addresses, and info. Prospective tenants who call us are interested in the property they have seen online. No Charge to You.
#2: We have a 24/7 Appointment Setting service to allow agents to schedule appointment to see and show our properties. The Showing Coordinator is always available and not subject to the business hours of the company. No Charge to You.
#1: We answer the phone and/or return calls and emails to prospective tenants who have inquired on one of our rentals.
Tenant Screening & Qualification
We have the client fill out an application providing authorization for credit, employment and landlord history. No Charge to You.
A few other qualifiers are also in place. (Can we smell the prospective client from across a desk they are automatically disqualified? Sex Offenders are also automatically disqualified, etc.)
Tenants may apply for a property using our on-line system, connected to the website. No Charge to You.
Credit scores are not also the best gauge of a tenants ability to pay. Many homeowners have lost their homes due to circumstances beyond their control which negatively impacts their credit score, however, tenants who have been homeowners make the best tenants as they tend to better care for their home even if it is a rental.
Tenant Rents

Tenants may pay their rent in a variety of ways:

Allotment (by the Military) is always preferred
ACH Tenant payments may be made online through a tenant portal
Check or Money Order delivered to the office by mail or personal delivery
Website a tenant portal is provided to all tenants so that they may paid their rent online. ColoradoCasa.Appfolio.com/connect - This is a secure site and provides to them an immediate receipt and a log of their payments.

Tenant rents are due on the first, and there is a 5 day grace period.

Rent Distribution

Rents are collected the 1st through the 5th of each month.
The rents are distributed as follows:

Property Management Fees are paid first.
Vendors for bills that came in the month before on the 1st or 2nd business day after rent is colleted.
Owners the balance is ACHd to our owners on the 2nd and 3rd business day after rents are collected.
Owner Portal Owners receive their monthly statements, workorders, bills, etc. online at the Owners Portal at ColoradoCasa.Appfolio.com (sign in is below the box) Monthly reports are posted to the portal for owners to access anytime, at their convenience.

For rents that come in late or after the rent money has been dispersed, we try to get it out each week on Thursday, so that the rents are received by Friday of that week.

Evictions & Collections (Eviction costs may be charged to the tenant and collected through the court or collections)

We post the 3 day notice between the 10th & 15th of the month. (No charge to owner)
After the 3rd day, if payments or payment arrangements have not been made, we submit the notice to the attorney. (No charge to owner.)
Within 2-3 weeks, the attorney seeks the court order for possession and/or payment. The cost of this procedure is paid by the owner (<$300), but recovered from the tenant. (Most times the court allow the tenant to make payment arrangements if they dont stick to it the court allows us to evict immediately.
Upon getting the eviction order, we contact the sheriffs department to schedule the eviction. (<$100, also receovered from the tenant.)
To evict a tenant, once we have the Sheriffs appointment, we then have 1 hour to empty the house. we normally hire Labor Ready who sends 4 people (we provide garbage bags and gloves) who empty the house in 1 hour. (<$250, also receovered from the tenant.)

Maintenance As discussed, we believe that we partner with our tenants to maintain your home. It is for that reason, that we ask the tenants to notify us of any issues that may arise during their tenancy.

For minor items, a handyman is contacted to make the repair (normally unlicensed Handyman)
For major items, a licensed Plumber, Electrician, HVAC, etc. is contacted and asked to provide an estimate. If time allows, additional estimates can be requested.
For major items, it is customary (if time allows) to obtain owner approval.
We recommend that our owners obtain a Blue Ribbon Home Warranty which for a nominal monthly fee would cover many maintenance issues, like the failure of appliances, electrical & plumbing systems, furnances and hot water heaters, etc.

Sales In addition to our Property Management Services, we also offer a residential sales component to our Owners. Renting your home has been a proven alternative to short short sales and/or foreclosures. When you are ready to sell:

We offer Seller Agency to our clients.
We Represent YOU the Homeowner in the transaction. This means that we are on the same TEAM and that we can be an advocate for you throughout the transaction.
As with our property management services, we pay for all of our marketing efforts.
We will provide you with current data regarding the value of your home to determine what would be a successful sales price to sell your home.

a CMA of the most recent comparable sales for your home
we will schedule a time to preview your competition with you, to see how your home compares with the competition (this is what the buyer is doing!)
an evaluation of anything that needs to be done to your home to improve its sale-ability

We will monitor all dates and keep you informed throughout the transaction process.
We will coordinate the transaction with your tenant during the sale.

I said Id be brief and this is really getting to be a lengthy email. If you have any questions, please give me a call at your convenience. I have an entire package that I can share with you. As well as the names of landlords, and tenants, that we have worked with who will provide references.

Additionally, I am on the Board of the Colorado Springs Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers. This allows me to be on the cutting edge of issues that arise involving landlord & property management issues. In the past year, we have been involved in residential property management issues like:

Rent Control
Warranty of Habitability
Medical Marijuana
New 1099 requirements

This means that we can keep you in the loop of those issues which affect your property and/or your tenants. Giving you an opportunity to voice your concerns (should you decide to do so) and to be heard about these issues.

There are many other benefits to working with Colorado Casa REALTORS. It is for that reason that most of the homes that we manage are for our own clients, homeowners we represented when they purchased their homes. The others are owners who have come to us through a referral of someone we know and have done business with.

Feel free to call my cell phone at (719) 499-1232 anytime.



REALTOR, Broker/Owner, Property Manager

2011 President of Colorado Springs Chapter of National Association of Residential Property Managers
2010 REALTOR of the YEAR, Pikes Peak Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS
2003 Colorado State President, Womens Council of REALTORS
2001 President of the Colorado Springs Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS

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